About Christine

Christine is a Natural Medium who has been aware of Spirit people all her life, including playing with spirit children when a little girl, she also dreamt of loved ones who had died. However, it wasn’t until her paternal grandfather, whom she had been extremely close to, appeared in front of her, after his death, that she realised that some of the people she was frequently aware of were so called dead.

This started a searching and a questioning period in her life, “what was the point of life. Is it wrong to be aware of your loved ones who have died and left this physical world?” Christine received only positive encouragement in her prayers and even conscious reassurance that what she was and is aware of is not wrong. At that time Christine dedicated herself to Working for God, Goodness and in Light to help others and herself.

Christine then found herself drawn towards certain people and places that helped her to fine tune her natural abilities. In 1988 she met Isabelle Kingston who is based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. She helped Christine to realise that she had been born with these abilities for a reason and that The Spiritual Path would be a major part in her life. Christine is still a member
of Isabelle’s healing group that come together to be used as channel for the spirit world to bring Healing to our World.

In 1992 Christine found herself repeatedly having an urge to attend Windsor Spiritualist Church. Once there she was repeatedly told to develop her mediumship, this led to Christine attending ‘The Arthur Findlay college’ in 1994. It was at The Arthur Findlay College that Christine met Coral Polge, a fabulous Mediumistic/Psychic Artist. It was this meeting and consequential sitting that led Christine to bring home a a portrait drawing, of a young man who had passed some ten years or so before Christine met his family, and the relief the drawing gave his mother that firmly put Christine on the mediumistic development path.

To this end Christine is in the process of developing her own Psychic/Mediumistic Art, with the view to giving private and public demonstration of both Mediumship and Mediumistic/Psychic Art. Christine feels privileged to have developed under the tutorage of excellent teaching mediums such as Brenda Lawrence, Janet Parker, Tony Stockwell and Glyn Edwards to name but a few. She also wants to mentions Swami Dharamanda Saraswati who has helped enormously with Spiritual/Soul development.

Christine and her family moved from West Berkshire in June 2005 to live in West Sussex as Christine had been educated there and loved it. She also wanted a property with a separate outbuilding for Christine’s ‘Spiritual work’ where she now offers Readings/Consultations, evening and daytime workshops as well as ‘Evenings of Clairvoyance’.

Christine Juggles her spiritual work, and her Celebrant Work with family life. All of her children, now adults, are “sensitives” but are not pushed in anyway to develop their spiritual/psychic abilities, Christine believes that they should be children first; Their so called “imaginary friends” were accepted as normal.

Christine looks forward to meeting you and hopes you enjoy reading her website. If you have any questions and or would like to book a reading please do not hesitate to contact her.

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