Sunday 18th July 2020: Mediumship Unfoldment

Sunday 18th July 2020
Bextone House, Barnham Road, Eastergate, PO20 3RT
10:30am – 4:30pm
£50 per person

Have you ever had a sense of a passed loved one with you? Would you like to discover whether this is just your imagination or whether you have mediumistic ability? if so come and enjoy a day of developing and unfolding and discovering your mediumistic abilities, it will be a day of fun, laughter and support helping you discover your abilities. If you have attended one previously you will know that I offer great support and assistance. People have been amazed at what they have done at my workshops. If you haven’t attend before come and surprise yourself with what you can do with my help. Today we will be working on and developing your connection and confidence with the Spirit World.

Call if you would like more information or questions. Suitable Cost £50.00 p.p. including refreshments, but, please bring something to share for lunch. You may pay for your Workshop place via my Online Shop and book and pay at the same time, alternatively call me and we can discuss. Maximum 12 Places.

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